The Man, the Plan, the Dream
(China 4.0 Series Book One)

How Xi Jinping and China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development will Rejuvenate the Nation and Reshape our World

This new book by Jason Inch is the first in the China 4.0 series examining China’s fast-changing economy and society from a new perspective. China has entered a new mode of development unlike any before, which the author dubs China 4.0. This paradigm will define China and its effect on the world for the next decade and beyond.

The Man, the Plan, the Dream looks at the major achieves and challenges of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang thus far, paying particular attention to the 13th Five-Year Plan’s major themes, growth engines, targets, and initiatives from 2016 – 2020, then ties it all together with Xi’s signature vision for the Chinese Dream of the Great Rejuvenation.

It’s an ideal book for those who are looking to understand China from a current, policy-driven perspective, and is suitable for those who are both new to China (with an opening section on China 1.0 – China 4.0 including modern economic history) as well as for those already moderately versed in how China’s economy works. It contains more than 30 exhibits including up-to-date statistics, maps and other information about China’s economy and society.

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Part I: China 4.0

Chapter 1:  China 1.0 and China 2.0

China 1.0 – DIVERGENCE:  Leaving the World Order (1949 – 1976)

China 2.0 – CONVERGENCE: Rejoining the World Order (1978 – 2003)

Chapter 2: China 3.0 – EMERGENCE: Ascending the World Order (2003 – 2016)

Hu Let the (Capitalist Running) Dogs Out

The First Five Years of the New China Normal (2008 – 2012)

Chapter 3:  China 3.5 – DIFFERENCE: A New Dream (2013 – 2016)

New China Normal under Xi

I have a Dream, I have an Awesome Dream…

Chapter 4:  Li Keqiang Versus the Ants

I Really Really Really Really Really Really Li Ke You!

China Declares War (…on Pollution)

An Authoritative Person Speaks Up

Chapter 5:  Xi Swats Flies and Catches Tigers

The Negative Effects of Corruption

The Evolution of Anti-Corruption

Anti-Corruption under Xi Jinping

Chapter 6:  China 4.0 – TRANCENDENCE: The Roaring Dragon (2017 – 2025)

From Imported Innovation to Indigenous and Acquired Innovation

An Unabashed State-Driven Economy

From Exports to Developed Countries to Exports to Developing Countries

From China as a passive, reactive participant in global governance to China as a proactive, assertive world leader

Chapter 7: The China 4.0 Growth Engines

The Three Traditional Growth Engines

The Four New Economic Growth Engines

Part II – China’s Master Plan

Chapter 8:  Understanding the 13th Five-Year Plan

A Short History of the Five-Year Plans

The 13th Five-Year Plan: An Introduction

How the 13th FYP plan is organized

Main Themes of the 13th FYP

Chapter 9:  13th FYP Targets and Indicators

Centenary Goals

Economic Targets of the 13th FYP

Innovation Targets

Social Targets

Sustainability Targets

Chapter 10:  13th FYP Major Projects and Initiatives

Major Initiatives of the 13th FYP

Nine Major Projects

Chapter 11: Major Reforms of the 13th FYP

Supply-Side Structural Reform

Financial Reforms

Military Reform



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