China’s Economic Supertrends released globally on Kindle ebooks!

InChina Publishing today announced the release of the first title in the China Supertrends series of books — China’s Economic Supertrends: How China is Changing from the Inside Out to Become the World’s Next Economic Superpower — on April 2, 2012 on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

For those who are interested to learn more about China’s economy, demographic, cultural and political trends, the series is a comprehensive examination of current China research and analysis. China’s Economic Supertrends focuses on new manufacturing trends of value-adding and innovation, urbanization, sustainable development and finance. The book explains how China is shifting from a manufacturing-led economy to a consumption-led economy, creating many new opportunities for enterprising executives, managers, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Jason Inch, author of China's Economic Supertrends

Jason Inch, author of China's Economic Supertrends

Written by independent China economist, consultant and author Jason Inch, who has had over eight years of on-the-ground experience doing business in China, this book will introduce readers to the key economic trends that are reshaping China from the inside out. A frequent speaker on China’s economy and doing business in China, as well as an instructor at Shanghai’s Jiaotong University MBA-C program, Jason has studied China’s economy since 1992 and has been based in Asia for more than 15 years. This is his second book.

Asked why he wrote this book now, he responded, “China’s Economic Supertrends is based on the work that Dr. James Yuann and I did for our first book, Supertrends of Future China, in 2008. Despite the effects of the global financial crisis, China’s economy has continued to perform well and many readers have commented on the accuracy of our original predictions. However, in just over four years, there have been so many new opportunities in China’s business and macroeconomic environment that I had to share those ideas in a new book with a new structure and deeper analysis. China’s economy is undoubtedly the most important economy in Asia for businesspeople, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals looking for new opportunities or directions.”

Kindle ebooks are available for download to anybody with a Kindle reader device, as well as Kindle e-reader software on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC platforms. Download one today!

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