How can businesses and indivduals profit from China’s sustainability supertrend? Jason Inch speaking to Green Drinks Shanghai May 10

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On May 10, 2012 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Muraya DCE, 4F, Building B, 1000 Chang Ping Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai

Jason Inch, author of China’s Economic Supertrends, will speak about China’s clean tech business opportunities and sustainable development at the monthly Green Drinks networking event on Thursday evening, May 10. More information about the event here.

This is a special event for Jason because it combines two of his passions: China and sustainable business. Jason’s talk is entitled “China’s Sustainability Supertrend: Top 5 Opportunities & How Your Company & Career Can Benefit“  The presentation will be a short and targeted list of green trends and environmental opportunities for corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals the next five years of China’s economic development.

A frequent speaker on China’s economy and doing business in China since 2008, Jason Inch has also worked in and written about China’s clean tech industry. In his latest book, he writes about China’s Sustainability Supertrend, which is a China trend for clean energy, waste reduction, recycling and sustainable development of cities and living in China. This is based on the work he did in his 2008 book, Supertrends of Future China, co-authored with Dr. James K. Yuann, in which they presciently forecast the growth of China’s clean tech wind and solar industries, pollution reduction, organic foods and other sustainability business opportunities.

Green Drinks is a regular networking event for professionals interested in sustainability, clean tech, and environmental business opportunities. It meets regularly in Shanghai and other cities around China. For more information, visit the Green Drinks website.

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